"An amazing journey within me , unexpected , miraculous, Laura stunned me , she freed me . Divine Flow , this Program taught me to  finally let go and accept ; to receive joy and prosperity , my life blossomed!.." Alexandra S.   Attorney -Los Angeles , US

BEAMING BEAUTY  is the foundation of all my work as a Mentor  .

I wrote and dedicated my initial studies to this "90 days Private Transformational Package" that will support your journey into the revelation of a Spiritual way of Being , where you will learn to accept to live a Divinely guided Life in the Flow, and without resistance.


I perfected this Program in Paris where I journeyed myself into the discovery of my Life of Purpose , integrating and accepting  fully my mission on earth.

In Paris, I transitioned from the Fashion Industry into the empowering Realm of the Spiritua,l Mentoring world . This city , that I learned to love so deeply, emabraced two parallel dimensions where I felt comfortable to create and develop all my Signature Programs.

The main Intention behind a 3 months, one on one Program with weekly sessions, is about reclaiming your pace and get into this wonderfully elegant Flow where magic can happen without effort , where you stop pushing for things to happen , instead they just come invited and at the right time for your highest destiny.

In this journey with me you will learn to stay open to the field of Infinite Possibilities from within your Life and accept to live in what I experience and call DIVINE FLOW.


What if you could allow and let in more Love, Support and Appreciation from yourself and the people around you ?

Imagine yourself letting go in situations where you used to contract or hold on, imagine things falling into place , flowing to you. No more running around in circles , rushing through life

Imagine being in complete Acceptance of Yourself , understanding with your Heart what an amazing Value your Life has.

DIVING FLOW expands in less action and no resistance.

In this state you will learn to accept rather than judge , gracefully invite rather than dictate and allow instead of control.






We have an appointment, a contract since time without beginning to connect in this lifetime. If you feel that you are meant for more in your life , I will guide you to reveal all your INNER POWER, so you can express your passions with confidence and STYLE! I will help you re-discover yourself by traveling to sublime, inspiring sites and cities that will forever alter the perception of yourself from the OUTSIDE in.

If you are ready to take a journey into aesthetics and SPIRITUAL connection, I will nurture you to develop skills within you to create a whole new, magnificent, Inspired LifeA unique, signature Masterpiece, YOU

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