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Laura Mattei Crawford

Photo: Regine Mahaux

Laura is a Transformational Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor who provides life and success strategies for entrepreneurs as well as elegance enthusiasts. She is the Founder of Ketadesign International, where she works with global manufacturing companies like Diesel, Guess, BCBG, and Valentino to help build strong teams in the areas of fashion design, branding and styling. 

A business savvy native of Rome, Italy, Laura made her mark in the fashion industry having worked extensively with top designers. She has been featured in ELLE, GRAZIA Italia , Le Vif Belgium among other industry trades. After spending more than twenty years in the fashion industry executing large-scale projects encompassing deliverables from creative direction to brand launch strategies, Laura ultimately found her true purpose in supporting women & men in their development of leading, and living extraordinary lives. Melding her extensive fashion industry knowledge with her life coaching expertise, Laura launched I STYLE YOUR LIFE, a dynamic digital platform combining life coaching with image consulting. From mentoring programs to motivational hypnosis, Laura has created one-of-a-kind programs and sessions for her clients. Her signature coaching program, Divine Flow Living, has impacted the lives of hundreds internationally.  

Laura is a multi-lingual coach who regularly travels between the United States, France, and Italy working with clients. She has studied Motivational Psychology at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Spiritual Psychology at University Of Santa Monica, Quantum Success & Law of Attraction with Christy Whitman, and Divine Living at The Academy with Gina DeVee.

When she is not helping to re-shape the life and style of others, Laura enjoys clearing her mind with meditation, music, and travel. A true outdoors enthusiast, she loves walking in forests, hiking, and gardening her vibrant roses.


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