"Laura I can't wait for you to write another Program ! So far I've signed up for all , I recommend the investment , your work is simply amazing ! Comfort zone bye bye!! I feel like the person I have always should have been.." Lucien T. Tv producer , Paris , France 

"Powerful. I suffered a major burnout , Laura cared , she re-aligned me , I was completely identified with my career and was not living my life. Let her do her magic , she will take you where you need to be ! I feel awesome .Grazie Laura ." Emanuele G. Business owner  , Verona , Italy 

"Il n'y a pas des mots assez fort pour exprimer l'étendue de ma gratitude quant a' tout ce que nous avons accompli en l'espace de quelques mois. Merci Laura , grace a' ce Programme, tes conseils , ta bienveillance et ta presence, cette période que je croyais être la pire de ma vie est devenue la plus belle. " Magali M. Interpreter - Paris , France 

MANIFEST YOUR DESTINY  is one of my favorite Programs .

4 to 6 months with me to basically come out of a crisis.

Whether a professional storm has hit your company or you are going through a hideous divorce , I put together this  Program to help you get through the psychological and energetic breakdown that usually follow these delicate , trying times.

If you feel like you lost your confidence and you desire to get to the other side of your Life, then , I'll help you drop your victim mindset and start living an inspired , passionate Life, the one you deserve to live and you came here for.

I wrote this Program for all the men and women out there looking to get answers on their Purpose, their Mission on Earth.

Some of us are ready to face this timeless question and stare at the horizon looking with the eyes of their Souls.

If you are one of those people, this Program will help you immensely .

We will find your Purpose, the reason why you are here in this lifetime.

It is my promise to you , if you are willing to do the work .

How exciting is that? 

The main Intention behind a 4/6 months, one-on-one Program with weekly sessions, is to keep you at a pace , where you reconnect to your Soul and your deepest desires and gifts , so you  can re-claim your needs, your true value and everything you deserve.

This is the only way I know to help you MANIFEST YOUR DESTINY.

By this I mean your Truth .

I believe that if you stop resisting your desires and inspirations , your Life will express itself flawlessly .

As your Mentor I can't wait to get you there!







Thank you!

Beaming in Beauty and Excitement


We have an appointment, a contract since time without beginning to connect in this lifetime. If you feel that you are meant for more in your life , I will guide you to reveal all your INNER POWER, so you can express your passions with confidence and STYLE! I will help you re-discover yourself by traveling to sublime, inspiring sites and cities that will forever alter the perception of yourself from the OUTSIDE in.

If you are ready to take a journey into aesthetics and SPIRITUAL connection, I will nurture you to develop skills within you to create a whole new, magnificent, Inspired LifeA unique, signature Masterpiece, YOU

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