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Personal & Professional Empowerment


DIVINE FLOW is the foundation of all my work as a Mentor .

I wrote and dedicated my initial studies to this "90 days Private Transformational Package" that will support your journey into the revelation of a Spiritual way of Being , where you will learn to accept to live a Divinely guided Life in the Flow, and without resistance.

 I perfected this Program in Paris where I journeyed myself into the discovery of my Life of Purpose , integrating and accepting  fully my mission on earth.

In Paris, I transitioned from the Fashion Industry into the empowering Realm of the Spiritual Mentoring world . This city , that I learned to love so deeply, emabraced two parallel dimensions where I felt comfortable to create and develop all my Signature Programs.

The main Intention behind a 3 months, one on one Program with weekly sessions, is about reclaiming your pace and get into this wonderfully elegant Flow where magic can happen without effort , where you stop pushing for things to happen , instead they just come invited and at the right time for your highest destiny.

In this journey with me you will learn to stay open to the field of Infinite Possibilities from within your Life and accept to live in what I experience and call DIVINE FLOW.

What if you could allow and let in more Love, Support and Appreciation from yourself and the people around you ?

Imagine yourself letting go in situations where you used to contract or hold on, imagine things falling into place , flowing to you. No more running around in circles , rushing through life

Imagine being in complete Acceptance of Yourself , understanding with your Heart what an amazing Value your Life has.

DIVING FLOW expands in less action and no resistance.

In this state you will learn to accept rather than judge , gracefully invite rather than dictate and allow instead of control.


One of my favorite Programs .

4 months with me to basically come out of a crisis.

Whether a professional storm has hit your company or you are going through a hideous divorce , I put together this Program to help you get through the psychological and energetic breakdown that usually follow these delicate , trying times. If you feel like you lost your confidence and you desire to get to the other side of your Life, then, I'll help you drop your victim mindset and start living an inspired , passionate Life, the one you deserve to live and you came here for. I wrote this Program for all the men and women out there looking to get answers on their Purpose, their Mission on Earth.

Some of us are ready to face this timeless question and stare at the horizon looking with the eyes of their Souls.

If you are one of those people, this Program will help you immensely .

We will find your Purpose, the reason why you are here in this lifetime.

It is my promise to you , if you are willing to do the work .

How exciting is that? 

The main Intention behind a 4/6 months, one-on-one Program with weekly sessions, is to keep you at a pace , where you reconnect to your Soul and your deepest desires and gifts , so you  can re-claim your needs, your true value and everything you deserve.

This is the only way I know to help you MANIFEST YOUR DESTINY.

By this I mean your Truth .

I believe that if you stop resisting your desires and inspirations , your Life will express itself flawlessly .

As your Mentor I can't wait to get you there!


Professional Goal Setting with Istyleyourlife is unlike any other coaching program out there. I understand that each individual that walks through my door has unique circumstances and needs, both in terms of their coaching and finances. That's why I make my Professional Goal Setting package as flexible as possible. Give me a call and let’s get the ball rolling.


" Laura! I loved the Program BEAMING BEAUTY , during those 4 Months of work with you, I was able to catapult myself into the Life I used to dream about . BEAMING BEAUTY is definitely the Best investment I have ever made on myself.
You are truly a Life altering Goddess!
Love, Taylor
Jewelry Designer , US


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This is your Testimonial quote. It’s a great place to share reviews about you, your personal qualities and your services. Add client details for extra credibility and get your site visitors excited from day one!

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